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Furthermore, this was by all account not the only decision the commission individuals were confronted with,

as a March 24 decision from Polaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox required thought of the Gulfside Casino

plan, and if choosing to advance it, the controller would chance a postponement of as long as year and a

half, a period during which the agreement with the outsider employed to score the up-and-comers would

terminate. lotto 4d

Candidates’ Reactions lotto 4d

The choice by the Arkansas Racing Commission to endorse the two applications for the last scoring round

was embraced with help by the two gatherings of applicants. 

“We are amazingly satisfied with the Arkansas Racing Commission’s consistent vote to acknowledge our

application… We totally welcome the chance to have our organization, its set of experiences and our

application for Legends Resort and Casino Arkansas dispassionately scored and judged… ” 

Toss Garrett, CEO, Cherokee Nation Businesses 

The Gulfside Casino Group gave an assertion, welcoming the choice by the magistrates to tackle the issue

with its qualification, communicating their confidence in front of the last scoring round. 

“… We stay firm in the conviction that we are the most ideal decision for Pope County and for Arkansas, with

500 more perpetual positions and $10 million more in yearly gaming charge income, all kept in state… ” 

Lucas Rowan, Attorney, Gulfside Casino Group

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