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Bill Miller, AGA CEO remarks on the latest rules with respect to the Paycheck Protection Program. 

Chief Bill Miller Comments on the Updated PPP grand lotto

Bill Miller CEO of American Gaming Association (AGA) remarked on the arrival of the refreshed rules for the

guideline of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The CARES act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic

Security Act) which was endorsed by President Donald Trump in March 2020 is the public authority reaction

towards the Covid pandemic. grand lotto

The PPP is really a piece of the CARES act and means to help organizations with their costs during the

troublesome occasions of the pandemic. The primary focal point of the PPP is to keep the organizations

from excusing their staff by keeping them utilized. As a piece of the PPP the public authority wanted to offer

some $349 billion in advances for the organizations influenced by the developing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Refreshed Measures Seem More Like Half-Measures, says AGA 

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